COLLECTIVE (Teenagers)

Teenagers have a unique take on the world and our teachers (as well as volunteers) get that. The COLLECTIVE’s experience of church life happens in and outside of church. Trips to museums, galleries and even sports events are part of their church. For more information about COLLECTIVE:



For all children ages 3-11, we have a vibrant community of children (and parents) that experience church life in ways that most adults never do. Together we are equipped, inspired and empowered with a healthy foundation not just spiritually but also experientially.



The Ladies at Chapel of Life are breaking grounds on all fronts, as entrepreneurs, career women, mothers, sisters and wives; a single adjective could not capture the dynamism and reach of the ladies in Church. Wherever you are in life, whatever you next move is, there is a voice and place for you in COLLATE.

For more information about COLLATE:



These anointed & ambitious chaps have global visions of impacting the world but not at the expense of their families and local communities. A community of all ages that have shared focus on ministerial, business, social responsibility as well as mentorship for the next generation – “these brothers go it going on”

For more information about COLUMN:



COLOUR is our cell group and local communities outreach arm of the church; it is an integral part of the mandate for the church to impact our world through discipleship. The intent is to build relationships with each other in our local areas and collectively begin to use these rich, Holy Ghost filled relationships to replicate the power generated in our church to set up Bible-based communities. To find your local ‘COLOUR’ group, please email:



COLOGNE is our welfare team that has a mandate to support members of the church and helps our community facing teams with strategies on engaging, ministering and addressing needs that we are currently equipped for. We are keen to partner with local charities to raise awareness on critical matters that affect our local area and would love to hear from you.

For more information about COLOGNE, please contact us by emailing:

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